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Boxed Media is where storytelling takes centre stage. Our Box is our Waka.  Our passengers are the storytellers, our precious cargo, and together, we embark on a journey. 


As Boxed Media, we collaborate with our passengers, working hand in hand to paddle the waka forward. We navigate through familiar scenery, and also through unpredictable swells, and throughout the journey, we hold a deep sense of respect and mana, honouring the importance and power of each storyteller and their unique perspective.  As we approach our destination, we unlock the box that has kept all our precious stories and present them to our audience.  

Boxed Media is dedicated to nurturing and amplifying the voices of our storytellers, enabling them to embark on their next adventure confidently knowing that their stories inspire, entertain, and provoke thought.

Rachale Davies
Ngāti Mahanga
Producer & Director

If there is one thing Rachale truly understands, it’s media across all platforms.


With over two decades of working as a Producer and Director around the globe for television network juggernauts such as the BBC, TVNZ, MediaWorks, Fremantle Media and Channel Seven Australia, Rachale brings her extensive knowledge and experience to programme pitching, producing, directing and creating, understanding her demographic targets and strategy, engaging audiences en masse.

Rachale has produced and directed all sizes of productions – from big brand reality TV shows to smaller, niche factual unscripted series. Rachale’s passion to creatively tell a story encompassing brand message sets her apart. Rachale can advise and work with you on a delivery strategy ensuring your campaign or programme series is executed flawlessly. 

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